Is a wonderful resource for your students to research cultural topics and other material related to learning a language. Having an account means you can create themed visual pinboards that contain live links to material found on the web or images from your computer or mobile device. Use it as a teacher collecting resources for your class or have students collate material for their study.

Here is an example board used in AIS NSW languages courses

  • Clean up web pages whilst browsing on your computer or mobile device so that ads and clutter do not detract from content.
  • Having a Readbility account allows you to save your readlists (see below)

Readlists (a project by Readability)
  • An easy way to collate web-based information as a digital reading list.
  • Useful as the teacher sharing resources with students or as students collating resources for study.

Here is an example you can view online at if you are viewing it on an iPad or iPhone you can also download it as an epub or ebook from the menu on the left (if you have the iBooks app installed first)


Many schools find blogging a great way to motivate students to write in the target language. With the uptake of mobile devices in schools and BYOD programs blogging is an authentic writing and publishing task that encourages students to think about their writing an presentation and also to edit their work so that the real world audience will be impressed.

There are a number of popular blogging sites with educators. These are our favourites

  • Free to join
  • Allows teacher to have their own blog, or a class blog with linked individual blogs for students.
  • Colleagues can be invited to contribute to your blog via an email invitation.

  • Free to join
  • Allows you to set up an individual blog or a class blog with linked student blogs
  • students and colleagues can be invited to contribute to your blog without an account by posting to your blog via email. When you do this the subject of your email becomes the title of the blog post and the body text and image attachments become the body text of the blogpost.

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Shared resources from independent schools