AIS 2014 Languages Conference: Languages Education - Vital and Viable

1. Languages at work and play in AIS schools

2. Keynote Address - Matthew Absalom
What Works? What we knew, what we know, waht we think we know and what we need to do.

3. Language opportunities beyond High School - Useful connections

4. G08 University Incentive schemes for Language students

5. Sydney University Pathways

6. Australian Curriculum update

5. Language promotion resources

Benefits of Bilingual education - SMH 17.7.14
Richmond West PS - Bilingual Education

6. BOSTES UPdate

7. Workshop Presentations

Session 1
1A Classroom Practice
Assessing students creatively - Richard Winstanley, Knox Grammar

1B Classroom Practice
Technology ideas to enhance your languages program - Melanie Hughes, AIS NSW
1C Leadership & Advocacy
A whole school approach to Language - Rodney Lynn, Dave Hamilton & Jonathan Petersen, Coffs Harbour Christian Community School

Session 2
2A Classroom Practice
Using Simple ICT tools to promote Languages (Augmented Reality)

2B Classroom Practice
Cross KLA Languages Programming K-6 - Justine Holmes, St Peter's Anglican Primary School

2C Leadership & Advocacy
Leading the languages faculty: the challenge of balancing advocacy, management and personalities, Bev West, Kinross Wolaroi

2D Advocacy
Language promotion using iMovie - Ken Wong, AIS NSW

Session 3
3A Classroom Practice
Teaching IB and HSC - Phyllis Bookluck, Trinity Grammar School

3B Classroom Practice
Explore the language learning space -Jill Wilson, Education Services Australia
3C Leadership & Advocacy
In-country professional learning opportunities: ELTF 2014 experience - Liana Trevisan, Loreto Kirribilli & Jenny Matheson, Sydney Grammar Preparatory School

3D Leadership & Advocacy
Strengthening and growing Languages - Merryl Wahlin, AIS NSW

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